Monster-Time Vintage Watches
Watch has not been worn before. Condition of the watches is 100%. Perfect!
Watch has been worn before but is close to perfect. There may be slight scratches but is only noticeable upon close scrutiny. Watch is 90% upwards....
Watch is still in overall good condition and maintains 80% - 89% of new condition. Will have noticeable blemishes or scratches though light....
Watch has clear visible blemishes and scratches and maintains 70% - 79% of new condition.
Watch is worn and will clearly need refinishing. Generally maintains less then 70% of new condition.
Please note that all prices stated is in Singapore Dollars NOT USD. If you need to get a rough estimate of what you will have to pay in your own country's currency, you can check out the prevailing exchange rate with the Currency Converter.

Citibank credit card members in Singapore can pay for their purchases using a 6- or 12-month instalment plan.

Monster Time Exquisite Timepieces
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