Rolex Vintage Explorer II 1655, MK 1, 3.2 mil.



Vintage Explorer II
Ref: 1655

- 40mm
- Automatic cal 1575 movement.
- Stainless steel case with solid caseback.
- Original un-touched Mark 1 black matte dial.
- Original dark yellow aged tritium.
- Non quickset date @3 position.
- Orange GMT hand.
- Original mark 1 straight seconds hand.
- Original Rolex's stainless steel bracelet marked 7386.
- 3.2 mil series, circa 1971.
- Watch & box only, no papers.

This iconic early production of 1655 Explorer II nick named 'Steve Mcqueen' was produced from 1971 - 1984, which was later succeed by 16550.

On sale today is a Mark 1 dial, produced from 1971 - 1974. Just a short 3 years production, the legend that greatly matches would be the straight seconds hands ( not lollipop) which is a 'must to match' for Mark 1 series.

Bezel would mostly be a Mark 2 / 3, with centered fonts.

A must mention is the matching 7836 folded bracelet which most of them would have been replaced along the way.

1655 was a much 'neglected' model during the Rolex saga these few years starting from Daytona to Pepsi and Subs. One of the main reasons is due to the limited stocks available in the market thay make the stirring alive. Not until Rolex starts advertising on new Explorer II model, which make the collectors diverting interests on vintage Explorer II.

At this moment, prices for 1655 are still considered under priced, do look out for 1 if u intend to collect before its peak again.


Price: $28,888 cash

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