Universal Geneve Polerouter - CO03

Universal Geneve Polerouter - CO03



A piece of aviator history on the wrist.


Universal Geneve first launched Polerouter in 1954. In collaboration with Scandinavian Airlines system for pilots to be worn on the flight for world’s first inauguration from Europe to New York / LA taking the first ever North Pole route. The biggest challenge for such route is the serious magnetism problems which could wreaked havoc on timing instrument and accuracy in time keeping. SAS chosen Universal Geneve to supply timing instrument for their pilots and eventually their crew flying on this route, credits goes to their anti-magnetic technology back then. Substantially, Polerouter “date” was launched in 1959 as SAS see the need to provide a date window function for the route even though they have cut short the flight hours from 36 hrs to 22 hrs. Universal Geneve uses caliber 69,engine by a mirco router, which was a breakthrough in the 1950s. Other then the aviator history, the more adventurous and collectable part of this iconic timepiece was the designer of this Polerouter as none but the famous GERALD GENTA. Polerouter played a big part of Gerald Genta’s career where this is his first ever design and manufactured into wristwatch in 1954 at a young age of 23. This promising young man was eventually invited to design for Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe thru his career. On sale today is a Rolerouter in Rose gold. Measuring 34mm, 18K solid rose gold case in high mirror polish. Back in those days, most dress watch was “snap” caseback, but Universal Geneve uses “compressor” tight caseback for the Polerouter series, which was pretty similar to what Patek Philippe was using back in those days. Dial in 18K solid yellow gold, which explains why the condition is still so beautiful for a 60 yrs watch. Fitted on a 3rd party black leather strap, an added visual appreciation to this piece of heritage.

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